Gaz du Cameroun

Gaz du Cameroun, or GDC as we are commonly known, is a fully integrated energy utility company that has pioneered the production and distribution of gas in Cameroon

As the sole supplier of gas to the nation’s commercial capital, GDC has successfully realised a major new source of clean energy for Cameroon: natural gas. From gas production wells located in the area, GDC has invested over $245 million to safely extract and distribute gas to industrial customers within the port city of Douala.

GDC is proud to supply customers operating across diverse industries, with a range of domestic gas products including thermal gas to drive machinery, gas fired electricity generation sets and condensate liquids that are transported to Cameroon’s largest petrochemical refinery, SONARA.

Our gas causes less wear on customer equipment, such as boilers, and incurs no storage or heating costs. We are currently working with ENEO to provide gas to power stations within Douala, in order to play our part in improving electricity supply to the national grid.

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GDC Intergrated Gas Supply Chain, Cameroon


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